In my life previous to coffee, I wrote a PhD about wondrous art and the very terrible internet. It meant going to University for several years:

PhD, Cinema and Media Studies, York University, Toronto, Ontario

– Dissertation: “Trolling Aesthetics: the lulz as Creative Practice” (Passed and Nominated for Dissertation Prize)

– Received Distinction on Comprehensive Exams, Provost Dissertation Scholarship, Ontario Graduate Scholarship, York Graduate Scholarship

Master of Arts, Cinema and Media Studies, York University, Toronto, Ontario

– Thesis: “Adapted for the Multitude: A Theory of Early Cinema Spectatorship”

– Received the George Vari Graduate Award, York Graduate Scholarship, Graduate Studies Special Recruitment Award

Bachelor of Arts Honours (Great Distinction), Film Studies, University of Regina, Saskatchewan

– Honours Paper: “You Talking To Me? Gus Van Sant, Authoring Dissent and Dominant Hollywood Masculinities”

– Received Jean Oser Prize, Director Vision Award

Bachelor of Arts (Great Distinction), English, University of Regina, Saskatchewan

And writing some Articles:

“Trolling Aesthetics: the LULZ as Creative Practice”

My dissertation on how the LULZ entered into artistic practice and along with it a certain dark understanding of our “digital condition”.

“User Unknown: 4chan, Anonymity and Contingency”

An article about the then emergent website 4chan that attempts to work through some of the ontological politics of anonymity (in a very specific iteration).

“Where Do We Go From Here? Confronting Contingency with Gerry”

Gus Van Sant’s Gerry is a complicated work. I spend some time thinking through how toxic masculinty operates through the two Gerry characters.

“Lost and Found: Locating the Local in Saskatchewan Filmmaking”

An article about contemporary Saskatchewan filmmaking.

I also gave many conference papers and was lucky enough to teach several courses. But this seems like an already too generous summary of my time in academics.