Judging Coffee?

I had the great pleasure of judging the Eastern Canadian Areopress Competition this past weekend. It was a blast with a impressive turnout and seriously delicious coffee. In between competitors, I had an interesting chat when an audience member who asked: what are you looking for in coffee? Those poor souls who read this every…Read more Judging Coffee?


A great follow-up on last week's discussion of Blue Mountain and our new Honduras from Katia Duke's Finca San Isidro: "I have not seen Obatã as a varietal before, what is it?" I love this question, as I'm in the midst of researching Obatã. This is my first time roasting it and it has been…Read more Obatã?

Blue Mountain?

Great question this week about origin sourcing: "do you guys ever do single origin specialty like Jamaican Blue Mountain?" For those unfamiliar, Blue Mountain coffee originates in its namesake mountains between Kingston and Port Antonio. It is so famous that a governmental Coffee Industry Board regulates any and all lots that use its name. Beyond geographic requirements, authorized Blue…Read more Blue Mountain?

Natural Processing?

A follow-up question from last week discussion of Giling Basah or wet-hulling: how are 'natural coffees' processed? To borrow from that previous email, the central goal in processing is to take the coffee cherry and remove its many layers: skin (exocarp), the mucilage (mesocarp), and the parchment (endocarp) to prepare it for roasting. It is…Read more Natural Processing?

Giling Basah?

Our new Sumatra is a Giling Basah? So the logically follow up I received was: what is Giling Basah? Also known as wet-hulling, Giling Basah is a traditional method for processing coffee in Indonesia. Akin to other approaches, the goal is to take the coffee cherry and remove its many layers: skin (exocarp), the mucilage…Read more Giling Basah?

Honesty and Coffee

This dispatch comes from the road! I am currently in Finland and because I am away from email, I am going to use this space for a Lee ramble rather than the typical question and answer. Finland has some beautiful coffee shops. Plenty of unique spaces, lovely customer service, and well-executed Nordic style cups. I…Read more Honesty and Coffee