SCA Talk – Part Three

Posting the final part of my talk about the "Science of Roasting" from this year's Beanstock: "Allow me to conclude by talking about the political dimension of our industry’s black boxes. To recap once more, Bruno Latour uses the Black Box as a way to analyze how ideas, theories, objects, and actions become naturalized or…Read more SCA Talk – Part Three

SCA Talk – Part Two

Presenting Part 2 of my talk from the SCA Science of Roasting session from this year's Beanstock! "By 2016, I was increasingly comfortable in my role as roaster and had completed my PhD. Logically, the next step was to open the ‘black box’ of roasting. Not just focus on the output (the techniques for sweet,…Read more SCA Talk – Part Two

Caffeine – Part Two

In last week's Ask Lee, we tackled the question of caffeine content in different varietals of coffee. Concluding that caffeine content is wholly dependent on the individual plant but that there are generalized thresholds for certain varietals. We ended on a cliffhanger of two questions: is there more caffeine in light roasts or dark roasts?…Read more Caffeine – Part Two

Caffeine – Part One

Received a twitchy question from my lovely wife this week: “I feel like I have noticed some of the Ethiopian coffees make me jittery compared to others. Any thoughts on caffeine content and how varietals effect this?” Surprisingly, we have dedicated little time to caffeine in ‘ask lee’, so this is a perfect question. Let’s…Read more Caffeine – Part One