Honesty and Coffee

This dispatch comes from the road! I am currently in Finland and because I am away from email, I am going to use this space for a Lee ramble rather than the typical question and answer. Finland has some beautiful coffee shops. Plenty of unique spaces, lovely customer service, and well-executed Nordic style cups. I…Read more Honesty and Coffee

Coffee education?

Last week’s rantings on ‘waves’ led to a couple of very interesting email chains that dovetailed perfectly with the panel conversation at ‘Stump the Roaster’ about customer knowledge and trends. Allow me to paraphrase as such: how do you approach coffee education? Coffee Education is complicated. On one hand, it encompasses the technical training and…Read more Coffee education?

Roaster life?

A fun question: "what do you do day-to-day at work?" Mostly, I roast a lot of coffee. Given the amount of time it takes to properly cycle up and down the roaster at the beginning and end of the day, I opt to do four loonnnggg days of production. Hence you always see the Monday…Read more Roaster life?